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Talon Concrete- Company Advantages

Talon Concrete & Quicksilver Readymix wants to make your concrete project a success. We don’t just deliver concrete, we are a full service concrete company and concrete supplier. Our experienced team and our quality line of concrete products make all the difference. Our commitment to reliable products and customer satisfaction makes us one of the top concrete suppliers in Kansas City.

Take advantage of our concrete company’s industry experience, knowledge, and product versatility to achieve maximum success on your next project. As concrete contractors and construction teams in the Kansas City area know, you can trust our products and our team. Our experts are here to help you!

At Talon Concrete & Quicksilver Readymix, we take pride in providing the best products and concrete service in the Kansas City area. Don’t just take our word for it, read for yourself why Talon Concrete is a chosen concrete supplier.

Quality Products

  • Select concrete for your general construction use
  • Formula concrete for applications that require accelerated construction schedules
  • Flo-Crete self-consolidating concrete for applications that require high fluid plastic properties for ease of placement

Quality Team Members

Experience, reliability, customer satisfaction. It’s what sets Talon Concrete employees apart from other concrete companies. Trust the job is done, done right and done on time. Trust our team to get the best products and advice to your team. Our senior managers have over 120 years of construction materials industry experience. The Quality Control and Sales staff are ACI certified and carry equipment for field testing, so you can be sure your project will pass any inspection.

Union & Non-Union Workers

Our concrete supply company has two divisions: Talon Concrete- which employs union workers, and Quicksilver Readymix- which employs non-union workers. Regardless of which division you work with, you can expect the same professionalism and distinct advantages of working with our concrete company.

Quality Service

Because of our many convenient plant locations throughout Kansas City, our concrete suppliers are only a short drive from your project. This saves you not only time, but money. Get started when you want to, knowing Talon Concrete is just down the road or around the corner.

From product choice, mix design, to delivery logistics, our concrete company can provide the technical support that concrete contractors and teams need to build with confidence.

Locations Throughout Kansas City

We’re proud to work with people on projects from Belton to Liberty, Olathe to Platte City and the surrounding Kansas City metro area. We’re able to supply concrete solutions to your company where you’re working.

Contact Us to see what advantages and benefits we offer concrete contractors and construction companies in Kansas City.