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High Quality Concrete Delivered in Shawnee

If you are a contractor seeking reliable help on your next big project in Shawnee, KS, look no further than Talon Concrete & Quicksilver Readymix. With 120 years of combined experience, we are your solution for expert concrete consultation and unmatched readymix concrete solutions. If you need concrete delivered in Shawnee, you can rely on our team.

How We Can Help

We have a solution for every concrete application. Our Shawnee, KS, contractor partners can rest assured they are in good hands when they work with us. Below is a list of the different concrete solutions we offer contractors in Shawnee, KS:

Service Beyond the Mix

In addition to helping deliver reliable concrete selections and contractors in Shawnee and the Kansas City area, we also assist with mix design, delivery coordination, and all other concrete-related technical needs. The reason we go above and beyond with our durable and strong concrete delivered in Shawnee? At Talon Concrete, we consider ourselves a long-term partner for the Kansas City and Shawnee, Kansas, concrete contractor community.

Need concrete delivered in Shawnee, Kansas City and the surrounding area? Call (816) 257-4000.