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Select commercial and residential concrete ready mix from Talon Concrete and Quicksilver Ready Mix in Kansas City.Select Ready-Mix Concrete for Kansas City

If you need help finding high-quality select concrete in Kansas City, we have the perfect solution. When it comes to commercial or residential concrete mix, our experts know best. At Talon Concrete & Quicksilver Readymix, we are dedicated to using the highest quality raw materials to produce some of the industry’s best concrete mix. The result? Our concrete mix helps make your projects better than ever. And of course, you can always count on us for concrete delivery that’s timely and without the high costs of transportation due to the fact that we have several convenient locations around the Kansas City metro area.

Still need some convincing about what makes our cement ready mix product right for your next project? We have the details below.

What Makes Our Site Mix Concrete Special:

We are a ready-mix concrete company with a select concrete mix that’s perfect for a variety of construction uses, including horizontal and vertical applications. We have specific mix designs and admixtures available to achieve objectives for:

  • High strength (with or without synthetic or steel fibers)
  • Reduced shrinkage
  • Reduced permeability
  • Freeze/thaw resistance
  • High plasticity (for easier horizontal placement and workability)
  • High early strength
  • Reduced or Extended set times
  • Color achieved through Davis Colors, which has the widest selection of standard and custom colors for ready-mix concrete companies to choose from to create a variety of stunning looks and styles for your concrete applications

From product choice, mix design, and delivery logistics, our team can provide the technical support you need to Build With Confidence.

Select Concrete Delivered Right to Your Site

Our select premix concrete is mixed to your specifications as are our other concrete premix products. Whether you are working on a concrete overlay or pouring patios and driveways, we have the right mix for the job. What else is great about our ready mix concrete supply company?

  1. Our select concrete delivery is reliable and arrives at the exact time you need it. 
  2. We also offer great pricing. All you have to do is call our concrete contractors, tell them what type of project you are working on, explain the properties you would like your redi-mix to have, and we will do the rest. 
  3. Working on a concrete repair project for a sidewalk? We can help with that. Creating decorative concrete products? We can help with that too. Our cement ready mix concrete company can handle any concrete orders you throw at us—we want to be your go-to concrete supplier. 
  4. We have locations throughout the Kansas City area, which makes ordering from us even more convenient. You don’t have to worry about transportation costs or delays caused by concrete supply companies that are outside of your service area. 
  5. We have a variety of select ready mix concrete options that work well for a large number of application methods. 
  6. Customer service is at the top of our list of priorities, along with high-quality select ready mix concrete products and dependable concrete delivery. 
  7. Our concrete contractors have years of experience, and you benefit from that knowledge and expertise when you partner with us. 

Do you think that all concrete supply companies do all that? Sadly, they don’t. Want to learn more about why Talon Concrete & Quicksilver Readymix is the right ready mix concrete company for you?

Learn More About Our Select Ready-Mix Concrete in Kansas City

Once you use our premium Select concrete mix, you will never go back. Ready to experience the difference for yourself? Reach out to learn more about which of our concrete redi-mix products is right for your project.

For details about our available concrete mixes, contact us by calling
(816) 257- 4000. You will get a free quote on your project because you reached out.

Proudly serving concrete delivery for Kansas City and the surrounding areas, including Sugar Creek & Independence, Missouri.