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Select commercial and residential concrete ready mix from Talon Concrete and Quicksilver Ready Mix in Kansas City.Select Ready-Mix Concrete for Kansas City

If you are looking for high-quality select concrete in Kansas City, Talon Concrete & Quicksilver Readymix is your go-to source for both residential and commercial concrete mixes. We use only premium raw materials to produce one of the finest concrete mixes in the industry. Our concrete mix is perfect for enhancing the quality of your construction projects. With several strategic locations throughout Kansas City, we offer fast and affordable concrete delivery to meet your needs.

To learn more about why our select ready mix concrete is the best choice for your upcoming project, check out the details below.

What Makes Our Site Mix Concrete Special:

As a leading ready-mix concrete company, our select concrete mix is ideally suited for a variety of construction requirements, be it horizontal or vertical applications. We offer specialized concrete mix designs and admixtures to fulfill various objectives like:

  • High strength (with or without synthetic or steel fibers)
  • Reduced shrinkage
  • Reduced permeability
  • Freeze/thaw resistance
  • High plasticity (for easier horizontal placement and workability)
  • High early strength
  • Reduced or Extended set times
  • Multiple Colors

Kansas City’s Best Source for Colored Concrete

We provide a range of concrete options with different colors to choose from. These colors are achieved through the use of Davis Colors, which offers a wide selection of standard and custom colors for ready-mix concrete companies. This allows for a variety of stunning looks and styles for your concrete applications.

From product choice, mix design, and delivery logistics, our team can provide the technical support you need to Build With Confidence.

Select Concrete Delivered Right to Your Site

Our select premix concrete is mixed to your specifications as are our other concrete premix products. Whether you are working on a concrete overlay or pouring patios and driveways, we have the right mix for the job. What else is great about our ready mix concrete supply company?

  • Punctual and reliable select concrete delivery.
  • Competitive pricing. Simply reach out to our concrete contractors, discuss your project specifications, explain your desired redi-mix properties, and we take care of the rest.
  • Expertise across a range of projects. Whether repairing a sidewalk or creating decorative concrete products, we’ve got you covered. Our ready mix concrete company is equipped to handle all your concrete needs – we aspire to be your go-to concrete supplier.
  • Convenience with our several Kansas City locations. With us, you avoid high transportation costs and delays from suppliers outside your service area.
  • A multitude of select ready mix concrete options suitable for a wide range of application methods.
  • Unparalleled customer service, coupled with high-quality select ready mix concrete products and dependable delivery.
  • Experienced concrete contractors whose knowledge and expertise are at your disposal.

While it would be great if all concrete supply companies offered all these, unfortunately, they don’t.

Learn More About Our Select Ready-Mix Concrete in Kansas City

Discover the difference that our premium Select concrete mix can make – once you try it, you won’t want to go back.

If you’re curious about which of our concrete redi-mix products is the best fit for your project, we’re happy to help! Contact us at (816) 257- 4000 to learn more about our available concrete mixes and receive a free quote for your project.

We take pride in providing concrete delivery services to Kansas City and the surrounding areas, including Sugar Creek and Independence, Missouri.