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Kansas City Concrete Suppliers

Searching for trusted concrete suppliers for your commercial construction project? Talon Concrete & Quicksilver Readymix is proud to serve as the premier concrete suppliers and concrete contractors in the Kansas City area. From Kansas City to Olathe and Warrensburg, we can serve as your project’s concrete suppliers and construction experts.

Our Wide Range of Concrete Products

As experienced concrete suppliers, we understand the importance of providing the highest-quality concrete products to contractors and construction teams. A solid foundation — as well as a sturdy finished product — relies on the strategic use of the appropriate mixtures of concrete. We are happy to offer select concrete for general construction, formula concrete for construction projects with a fast-paced work schedule, and Flo-Crete, a self-consolidating concrete ideal for projects requiring high-fluid plastic properties.

When we serve as your concrete suppliers, we can handle delivery logistics and also provide the concrete knowledge you need to confidently select the right concrete products for your unique job. Selecting the correct concrete includes factoring in building codes, weather conditions, the needed design strength, and other elements. Our role as concrete suppliers is to connect you with the quality products that will best serve your purposes.

Experienced Concrete Suppliers

As a local Kansas City-based team with a combined 120 years of experience as concrete suppliers, we have built up an impressive track record of professionalism and expertise. You can rely on us to provide the know-how and logistical support you need to get your projects done right.

Call (816) 257- 4000 today to speak with your local Kansas City concrete suppliers with decades of experience!